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Network Management

Network Monitoring
The monitoring of your network in order to identify, isolate and mitigate the problems that can cause network downtime is vital to keep your business running.

  • Licensing Management
    Managing software licenses across an organisation is an increasingly complex task. You need to know what software is installed on what hardware, what’s legal and what’s not, what’s up to date, and what needs upgrading.
  • Backup Management
    Macnair offers a tried and tested Backup Management Service that has been designed to address your organisation’s needs. The Macnair Backup Management Service covers everything from day-to-day operations support to compliance and disaster recovery.The need to protect your data against day-to-day problems or more disastrous scenarios is critical in this day and age. Macnair will work hand in hand with you to define the exact service that best fits your needs and will then manage that solution on an ongoing basis, helping to safeguard your organisation’s vital systems and data.

    If and when things do go wrong, Macnair is on hand to ensure that any issues that can stand in the way of a successful restore are removed, with any critical errors uncovered before it is too late.

    The Macnair Backup Management Service covers a range of services in order to ensure that your organisation can survive the loss of critical data at any level, from a single corrupt file to the loss of an entire data centre. As part of this service we can help identify and prioritise critical resources, audit current data protection and recovery procedures and identify potential areas of weakness. Following this auditing process we recommend the most appropriate course of remedial action and, if required, implement these actions.

  • Wide Area Networking
    With the advent of the high-speed always on Internet connection came the possibility of implementing low-cost networks between branch offices for voice and data.These networks communicate using ADSL, SHDSL & DDE FIBRE networking to provide inter-office and home-office communications. Macnair specialises in designing and deploying MPLS Network solutions utilising industry leading hardware.