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Macnair Fast and Easy Deployment

Macnair provides easy, fast and reliable Software Deployment for your entire computing infrastructure from anywhere. Forget learning a new language, setting up multiple servers, long training classes and the cost of consultants, Macnair eases the task of rolling out applications and updates.

Macnair Software Deployment provides the flexibility and reliability needed to deploy applications and updates automatically. From simple executables to complete application suites, Macnair handles the automated deployment easily.

Not just software deployment. Macnair Scripts provide an easy fill in the blank approach to not only deploy complex applications but to also automate system management functions. Virtually anything that can be done from the command line of a computer can be created in minutes within a Macnair Script. The scripts can be scheduled to run at anytime, on a one time or recurring basis.

Use the Macnair Packager to simplify the deployment of custom applications or software that does not follow standard installation methods. The Macnair Packager creates a snap shot of the system before and after the installation or changes, and creates a custom installation package that can be deployed automatically.

Macnair Software Deployment can be deployed in minutes. The application is very easy to use and does not require consultants or long training cycles to start using it. It can be accessed from anywhere and does not require special servers or reconfiguration of you existing computing infrastructure. Ease the process of installing applications and updates across the entire computing infrastructure, increase your productivity and stop the running around today!

Key Features:

  • Simple Wizard Based Application Deployment
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Fill in the Blank Scripting
  • Automate System Management Functions
  • Custom Macnair Packager
  • Comprehensive Error Handling and Reporting
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Use
  • Rapid Deployment