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Remote Management

Macnair’s Remote Control Software provides easy, fast and secure Remote Desktop Management of your entire computing infrastructure from anywhere. With our remote control software you’ll no longer have to struggle to figure out how you’re going to find that laptop in the field, and you’ll never have to change your firewall settings in order to gain access to computers behind a NAT or gateway.

Macnair Remote Desktop Management provides the tools needed for secure remote access to all of your managed computers. Administrators have complete control over the remote control functions, including passwords, notification method, screen mode and control level. In addition administrators can grant end users the ability to access their machines remotely. Each end user also has the capability of optionally blocking remote control access to their computer systems . Administrators also have the ability to manage remote computers that are not part of their managed infrastructure thru video streaming and can also utilize the video streaming feature for training sessions or to a handle a quick support call.

Macnair Remote Desktop Management features maximum security using 256 bit RC4 encryption for all sessions. This security enables a secure FTP environment with standard Explorer drag and drop file transfer capabilities between the host and client. In addition, there is secure online Chat that can be used exclusively between the end users and support personnel. Secure Broadcast Messaging from administrators to all or select computers are also provided.

Macnair Remote Desktop Management can be deployed in minutes. The application is very easy to use and does not require consultants or long training cycles to start using it. It can be accessed from anywhere and does not require special servers or reconfiguration of you existing computing infrastructure. Gain remote access to your entire computing infrastructure, increase your productivity and stop the running around today!

Key Features:

  • Firewall and NAT Friendly
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Configurable Client
  • Secure FTP
  • Secure Online Chat
  • Video Streaming for Remote Training and Support
  • Available to Administrators and End Users
  • Maximum Security using 256 bit RC4 Encryption
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Remote Desktop Management