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Flexible Administration

To get optimum application usage and gain the maximum return on investment, IT Administrators and service providers need flexible setup and customization options without programming.

The Macnair Integrated IT Software suite provides for easy and flexible system administration and customization. Whether it is just setting up additional administrators and groups or customization of the interface and organizational branding, Macnair gives you the flexibility you need to tailor the application to your needs.

Easy Customization :

  • Configure administrator and user options
  • Customize the user logon page to match your requirements
  • Customize administrator logon page and functions
  • Customize the interface appearance characteristics
  • Outstanding technical support to assist you when you need it

Administrator Accounts and Groups :

  • Create administrator accounts and groups
  • Define access policies
  • Temporarily disable accounts without deleting
  • Define account group membership

Configure and Deploy Agents :

  • AAgent status, logs and settings
  • Naming and grouping policies
  • User access and profiles
  • Agent menus and check in frequency
  • Create and deploy custom configurations

Server Administration and Configuration :

  • Backup and restore options
  • Port and address specification
  • Automatically retrieve and apply maintenance updates
  • Detailed log and statistics
  • Create Accounts and Groups
  • Configure Agents
  • Customize the Interface